People's Republic of China/Wang Yao (中华人民共和国/王耀) (made_in_me) wrote,
People's Republic of China/Wang Yao (中华人民共和国/王耀)

Player meme

HELLO, I realized this needed mad updating after realizing this new timezone is weird for playing...!

I am pomgrenadier

I play Kurenai Shinkurou (deepinthered) and China (made_in_me)

1. Concrit/OOC issue: I always welcome critique. I have anon, screened, crit posts for Shinkurou and China up, and any of the contact methods below work, too. If you want to say something to me, I'll listen.

2. Contact Methods: I like email best, romylin at gmail. If I'm online, 99% of the time I'll be on gchat as well. I only hop on IRC if I'm actively CFUDing.

3. Time and scheduling issues: I'm on GMT+2, that's the Euro timezone. Additionally, I'm studying abroad this semester, so I'm out a lot, weekends are for traveling, etc, etc. I probably won't be able to post or participate in any plots, but if you wanna thread, please drop me a link! I will reply, even if it takes me like... 4 days to do it. ;;b

4. Cliques, jumping, thread-dropping, etc.: I'll try to jump my characters' friends, and please, don't hesitate to jump me even if it's like, a week since I made the comment. My internet usage is really sporadic, but I do want to keep up and play when I can!

5. Comfort levels: I'm good with anything! If I become unsure, I won't be shy about asking you about it, don't worry. You won't step on my toes.

6. Apps and betaing: If you'd like me to beta, just send it to romylin at gmail, you don't even have to ask. I suck at it, but I'll take a look at anything and do my best!

7. Essays: I've never written one, someone can prompt me if they'd like to see my thoughts?!

8. Posting and memes: I just don't have the time. Maybe after this semester :(

9. AU-ing: So who wants to pop my AU cherry lol. I don't think I could handle the sexytimes but after camp scenarios are good!

10. Final comments: PLEASE JUMP MEEEEE and I thread really slow now. :(
Tags: meme
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