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I've done this before with these countries:

America 美国 [měi guó]
Canada 加拿大 [jiā ná dà]
China 中国 [zhōng guó]
England 英国 [yīng guó]
Finland 芬兰 [fēn lán]
France 法国 [fǎ guó]
Germany 德国 [dé guó]
Hungary 匈牙利 [xiōng yá lì]
Italy 意大利 [yì dà lì]
Korea 韩国 [hán guó]
Latvia 拉脱维亚 [lā tuō wéi yà]
Lithuania 立陶宛 [lì táo wǎn]
Poland 波兰 [bō lán]
Prussia 普鲁士 [pǔ lǔ shì]
Russia 俄国 [é guó]
Switzerland 瑞士 [ruì shì]

Just thought I'd finish up the rest of them in camp!

103K 0:32
(no transcription available)

Austria 奥地利 [ào dì lì]
Estonia 爱沙尼亚 [ài shā ní yà]
Japan 日本 [rì běn]
Sealand 西兰公国 [xī lán gōng guó]
Spain 西班牙 [xī bān yá]
Sweden 瑞典 [ruì diǎn]
Turkey 土耳其 [tǔ ěr qí]
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I thought the e for 俄國 was fourth tone. THAT SAID, we use fa4 for 法國 innn generalllll here. l-lol taiwan vs mainland. I've also seen a lot of people use 俄羅斯 instead of 俄國 for Russia...especially in hetalia fandom |D
I copypasted all the pinyin from an internet dictionary which uses mainly simplified. LOL that said, I went back to listen to myself and I actually used the 4th tone when I was saying both 俄國 and 法國. My parents are from Taiwan, so I'm used to hearing it that way too, so I guess I ignored my pinyin list |D

As for Russia, yeah I saw 俄羅斯 in the online dictionary, but I've seriously never heard of it before! I only know what my parents say, so... But that's interesting :o I wanna check out Chinese fandom more, but my Chinese skills are too poor/I'm too lazy orz
well, my exposure to it anyway. Which is cosplayers and the cons here. s-so much hetalia stuff |D
ahhh I saw this post and was ttly jealous :
XDDDD y-yes I saw those too
Translate what the symbols mean? :O
Most of them essentially don't mean anything because it's just words that are the sound equivalent. So uh, these are just literal word for word translations, it doesn't mean Chinese speakers associate America with beauty or Canadians with adding and grabbing and big things or anything like that |D

America 美国 [měi guó] = beautiful, country
Canada 加拿大 [jiā ná dà] = to add, to grab, big
China 中国 [zhōng guó] = middle, country
England 英国 [yīng guó] = flower, country
Finland 芬兰 [fēn lán] = fragrance, orchid
France 法国 [fǎ guó] = law, country
Germany 德国 [dé guó] = morality, country
Hungary 匈牙利 [xiōng yá lì] = breast, tooth, sharp
Italy 意大利 [yì dà lì] = meaning, big, sharp
Korea 韩国 [hán guó] = Han (it's just a name, no meaning), country
Latvia 拉脱维亚 [lā tuō wéi yà] = to pull, to take off, to get together, inferior
Lithuania 立陶宛 [lì táo wǎn] = to stand up, pottery, to be exactly like
Poland 波兰 [bō lán] = wave, orchid
Prussia 普鲁士 [pǔ lǔ shì] = general, stupid, soldier
Russia 俄国 [é guó] = soon, country
Switzerland 瑞士 [ruì shì] = good luck, soldier
Austria 奥地利 [ào dì lì] = profound, land, sharp
Estonia 爱沙尼亚 [ài shā ní yà] = love, sand, Buddhist nun, inferior
Japan 日本 [rì běn] = sun, book
Sealand 西兰公国 [xī lán gōng guó] = west, orchid, together, country
Spain 西班牙 [xī bān yá] = west, class, tooth
Sweden 瑞典 [ruì diǎn] = good luck, standard
Turkey 土耳其 [tǔ ěr qí] = dirt, ear, it
Oo, thanks! I didn't know anything beyond America and China. It's nice imagery, if anything. From what very little I remember from my Mandarin class, our professor was like America is the Beautiful Country! China is the Middle Country! And Middle Country made me think of some far away fairy tale.
My mom tells me China = middle country because Chinese people are self-centered and hey, we ARE the center of the civilized world <- the attitude in ancient times lol
oh wow I lol'd at Hungary's I'm dirt in China then?
Prussia's is making me laugh forever.