People's Republic of China/Wang Yao (中华人民共和国/王耀) (made_in_me) wrote,
People's Republic of China/Wang Yao (中华人民共和国/王耀)


Tell me if I'm doing it wrong. I mean. I'm not a history buff and I'm not from the People's Republic of China so... I don't know what the hell I'm doing.

SPECIAL NOTE TO CHINESE SPEAKING PEOPLES: I can speak Chinese, but I have the literacy of like... a first grader, so if I make any mistakes (like... in my keywords) please PLEASE tell me because I don't wanna look like a fool for my fangirl Chinese ;o;

Also, please let me know if you're offended by anything. Hetalia's a cracky canon, but we're still talking about history and stuff that actually happened. I'm going to try to be conscientious and mindful, but if anything does make you uncomfortable, don't hesitate to tell me, please. Communication is key!

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Tags: crit
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