People's Republic of China/Wang Yao (中华人民共和国/王耀) (made_in_me) wrote,
People's Republic of China/Wang Yao (中华人民共和国/王耀)

Academic help

Hi there! If you have ever been to an anime convention outside the US, or if you currently live outside the US and plan to go to a non-American anime convention in the future, I’d like your help! Obviously, audience counts too!

It’s a very long shot, but I am considering applying to the Watson Fellowship, which provides travel funding for American students on the terms that you cannot step foot back into the US for a whole year. For my project, I’d like to investigate anime convention culture in different countries. After all, all anime conventions are about Japanese animation, but each country’s culture has a different reaction towards Japanese animation, and these conventions. For example, people’s motivations for going, the acceptance or stigma associated with being an anime fan, what sort of merchandise is being sold, which panels and events are the most popular, the prevalence of manga bookstores or anime cafes, the demographics of the average con-goer in each country, etc. I would also like to investigate the role of online communities in fostering a convention culture.

I know this is a pretty crazy weeaboo project, but if you’d like to help me out, there’s a questionnaire I’d like to send out. It’ll ask questions like which cons have you gone to, why do you like going, how long have you been going, basic questions. You can either shoot me an email at romylin at gmail dot com, or leave your email at this post.


PS. Do you think it'd be alright for me to post this on CFO to get more exposure?
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